Object Storage

Securely store, share and manage files with guaranteed privacy
Oort's Decentralized Storage Solution (DSS) offers a powerful, private, and cost-effective alternative to traditional centralized cloud storage services. By storing data in a decentralized manner, Oort DSS provides a robust and intuitive solution for those not familiar with the Web3 landscape.

An All-in-One Solution for Your Growing Data

With Oort DSS, you can easily manage and expand your data storage without compromising security or usability. Our platform features:
  • Maximum data privacy ensured by geo-distributed servers.
  • Seamless integration with AWS S3 compatibility.
  • Effortless data interaction facilitated by AI.
  • Enterprise-level performance.
  • Up to 80% cost savings compared to AWS.
  • Community-built developer tools for further enhancements.

Comprehensive Object Storage Solutions

Oort DSS allows you to focus on business growth while we safeguard your data. Our solutions cater to a wide range of needs:

Personal Cloud Drive

Securely store, share, and manage files with guaranteed privacy.

Blockchain Data Warehouse

Unleash the potential of Web3 data with a unified platform for on-chain and off-chain data.

Data Archiving

Enjoy permanent and immutable data storage at a fraction of the cost.

Data Availability Layer for Blockchains

Safely store stale blockchain data, layer-2 rollup data, and backup block data.

Scale Your Business, Not Your Budget

Our pricing options cater to all storage requirements, from individuals to enterprises.
  • Free Tier: Ideal for individuals and small teams needing basic storage and data services.
    • 20GB of standard storage
    • 1TB of data archive storage
    • 5GB of data egress per month
    • (Data ingress: Unlimited)
  • Pay As You Go: The Business Plan saves you up to 60% compared to AWS S3 service, making it ideal for growing businesses.
    • Save up to 60% compared to the AWS S3 service
    • Save 55% on standard storage: $0.01/GB/Month
    • Save 60% on archive storage: $0.0014/GB/Month
    • Save 24% on data transfer
    • Ingress: Unlimited; Egress: $0.068/GB
  • Custom: Our Enterprise Plan offers a tailored pricing structure for businesses with extensive data storage needs. This includes regular security and performance audits and a dedicated support team for optimum data protection and performance.
For inquiries regarding the Enterprise Plan, please contact our Sales team

How It Works

Oort's decentralized object storage involves the following steps:
1. Pre-processing: Files are split into smaller fixed-size pieces known as "shards".
2. Encryption and Erasure Coding: Each shard is encrypted and processed with erasure coding, creating "parity" shards for redundancy and data reconstruction in case of loss.
3. Shard Distribution: Shards are distributed across the Oort infrastructure nodes operated by global individual service providers.
4. Retrieval: Users can retrieve their files by requesting shards from corresponding nodes, even in the event of missing shards due to node failure or network congestion.