Oort Business Solutions

Scale your data-driven business with Oort
Oort's vision is to allow developers and teams to build and scale data-driven businesses easier and faster on a fully decentralized infrastructure. Together with our developer community, we aim to provide the most powerful Web3-native tools on the near-infinite decentralized cloud resources.
We have listed below some of the data solutions we are actively working on.

Web3 Web Hosting

Make websites resilient to power outages, server crashes, data breaches, and censorship
Learn more about Oort's Web Hosting services at Web3 Web Hosting.

Data Availability Layer for Blockchains

Store stale blockchain data, layer-2 rollup data, and backup block data (Coming Soon)

NFT Storage

Long-term and decentralized storage for off-chain NFTdata (like metadata, images, and other assets) (Coming Soon)

Object Storage

Securely store, share and manage files with guaranteed privacy

Blockchain Data Warehouse

Unlock the unlimited potential of Web3 data with unified on-chain and off-chain data (Coming Soon)